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Originally a dairy farm for many generations, our land was reduced to growing hay for the last 18 years. Many farms in New York have a very similar story and are finding it difficult to see a future in agriculture. Growing CBD hemp flower is a great alternative. It takes a fairly significant investment but it can also yield a significant profit potential. Good soil, proper genetics, abundant irrigation, and close monitoring will result in a healthy crop; mother nature willing. If you are a farmer, are not afraid of long days and hard work, and are looking to innovate your land for a brighter future, get in touch with us today!


Seeds are the single most critical piece of the CBD hemp puzzle. They come at a high expense and therefore need to be carefully sourced. Growing hemp for CBD requires female only plants, therefore, it is critical that you acquire high-quality feminized seed for CBD hemp cultivation. Be sure to source your seeds from a proven and reputable cultivator that can provide you with a history  of their seed performance measures.


Planting hemp has been done utilizing a number of methods. The lay of the land, weather, soil type, and availability of labor are some of the major points to consider. Our approach is to propagate our seeds inside our greenhouse and then transplant the young seedlings to the fields in raised beds. We utilize drip irrigation, organic soil amendments, and plastic mulch covering. Consistent irrigation will be critical to the success of your plants. We recommend planting cover crops between rows as a reliable and organic method for pest management. 


Once your plants are in the ground, there is still a lot of work to be done before harvest. Careful monitoring needs to take place to identify and eliminate the potential threats that may exist in your environment. Bugs, rodents, deer, diseases, mold and male plants are some of the threats. It is critical to have an adequate and educated staff that can spend time monitoring your fields in order to identify and remediate these threats.


Harvest is the most labor intensive time of the year. Cutting down plants and transporting them to be processed is just the start. Stripping the flowers and leaves off the stems gives you the cleanest biomass with the highest value. We remove 99% of branches and stems from our biomass, we then evenly distribute the hemp flower and leaf on drying trays before sending to our state-of-the-art drying rooms. We finish by properly packing and storing in climate controlled rooms.

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